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We find Pilates to be a therapeutic method of exercise with attention to detail and understanding of posture and body awareness.
It offers a complete work out for the body; exercising not only the large muscle groups but also using the weaker muscles too.

We believe that Pilates exercise, when done correctly, can start to undo the effects of the repetitive postures and movements
that we use on a day to day basis. Whether these movements be related to a sedentary activity (driving, office work, computer
hobbies, playing a musical instrument) or a high level activity (running, racquet sports, cycling, manual labour).


- Greater Strength - particularly in the postural muscles

- Improved balance - from simulating proprioception and toning postural muscles

- Enhanced Coordination - movement patterns become more flowing with improvements
in strength and balance

- More Flexibility - where there is stiffness in the musculo- skeletal system

- More control and strength - where there is too much flexibility in the musculo-
skeletal system

- Stress Levels - reduces harmful effects of adrenaline- like chemicals in the body

- Digestion - by easing stress and toning the abdominal muscles in a way not to
aggravate spinal problems

- Improved oxygen uptake - with focus on breathing and thoratic mobility

- Benefits to immune system - from improved circulation of blood flow and lymph
which carry oxygen, nutrients and white blood cells around the body

- Provides a sense of well being - from all of the above benfits

The Pilates method has been taught for eighty years and has now been recognised as a tremendous
rehabilitation tool and health benefit by the medical professions. Nowadays there are a handful
of recognised Institutes that train teachers in the Pilates Method.

The Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute is now firmly established as a world
leader in Pilates training. The APPI training is specifically aimed at Physiotherapists with
their knowledge of anatomy, pathology, normal and abnormal movement.

Pilates continues to evolve today, which as Pilates is rumoured to never have taught the same
have taught the same exercise in the same way two days running, seems to be a fitting tribute
to it's founder.

For a wikipedia biography of Joseph Humbertus Pilates click on his picture to the right.
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